1st April 2011

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Again we have a supposed plot leak- again from a “reliable source”. However, as shooting for The Dark Knight Rises draws closer the “rumours” seem to be converging and are supported by what we know.  So, according to this “source”, this is the plot…

We start with a prison breakout, but it’s not Bane as you might expect- it’s none other than Batman!  In the time since the events of The Dark Knight, he has been following a trail of dirty money- Alberto Falcone’s dirty money.  This trail has led Batman to England, where he hatches a plan: Allow the English authorities to capture him- be extradited back to the States to be tried in Gotham, where Falcone is now running things- this will get him close enough to Falcone to take him down.

(The source says Joseph Gordon-Levitt IS Alberto Falcone)

This is where it goes a little odd- seems to contradict itself.

Batman knew that once in custody he would never make it back to the States alive- Falcone has been in hiding and does not fancy confronting him. Batman also knows that Falcone is in league with something much more sinister- the UK division of the League of Shadows.

So, the amazing opening action sequence we’ve been teased with? Batman’s mid-air escape- plane to plane. (Batwing?) Falcone and his thugs confront him aboard the extradition flight, but it all goes wrong and Falcone escapes. Batman is now trapped aboard the burning cargo plane with the last of the thugs and… Bane, who is later revealed to be working with Talia al Ghul and her League of Shadows.

Talia, like her late father, is out to destroy Gotham city. Even though Batman is responsible for her father’s death, she finds herself attracted to him and asks him to join her.

Bane is in love with Talia and angered by her attraction to the Dark Knight. He and Falcone hatch their own plans: Bane must kill Batman and assume his identity- but as the murderous vigilante the public think he is.

The only information that the source had about Selina Kyle was that Falcone destroys her life and she’s out for revenge.

I can’t make my mind up about this “leak”… It sounds plausible but there are some big holes. If Batman was captured, his identity would be revealed….? Why would Falcone confront Batman on the plane and how does he escape? How does Bane survive?

Sceptical mode activated - This could be an April Fools…

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20th March 2011

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt IS Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises.


This casting had been hinted at a while back but now we know for sure.

So, Carmine Falcone’s son is taking over the family business and no doubt he’ll blame Batman for his father’s incarceration at Arkham Asylum. Is vengance on the cards?


Ok, maybe it’s not official.

Variety recently “confirmed” that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing Alberto Falcone. However, Entertainment Weekly have now “unconfirmed” that which Variety had ”confirmed”. …we’re being played like a harp from hell.

We can’t trust the rumours, we can’t trust the big magazines… it would seem the only sources we can trust are Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan. From whom we’ve only actually had two proper reveals!

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18th February 2011

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BATMAN: Casting…

I do my best to avoid filling this page with the endless rumours and “leaks” that are flying around about The Dark Knight Rises. There have been so many and more often than not they turn out to be false. 

However, every so often a rumour/leak comes along that sounds that bit more plausible and really seems to fit into the Nolan-Batman Universe. Here follows just such a “leak”…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Roman Sionis/Black Mask.

Lukas Haas as Alberto Falcone/Holiday. 

In my opinion this would be perfect casting. Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt was confirmed I’ve hoped he would be playing Black Mask and Lukas Haas (unconfirmed) definitely looks the part of Alberto Falcone. He even bares a resemblance to Tom Wilkinson, the actor who played Alberto’s father, Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins.

The two characters have been rumoured for some time, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt a possibility for both roles. Alberto/Holiday is unlikely to be a main character- he’d be more along the lines of Gamble in The Dark Knight. Roman/Black Mask stepping into to role of top mob boss in Gotham, taking over from the late Sal Maroni. 

I don’t know about you but I’ve got my fingers crossed for these castings.

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