25th January 2012

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FLASHBACKS - The Dark Knight Rises will have them.

FLASHBACKS - The Dark Knight Rises will have them.

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19th January 2012

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Joey King’s role revealed!

Young actress, Joey King has let slip her until now secret role- and by extension, Marion Cotillard’s true role?
When asked about filming The Dark Knight Rises she said…
"It was so cool, I had an amazing time. I got to travel to places I’d never been to before. Christopher Nolan is so nice, so is Christian Bale. I just had the best time."

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4th June 2011

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Young Joey King Tweeted that she’s-

"Having fun shooting The Dark Knight Rises in London."

The only locations known to us in London are St John’s street which is GCPD Headquarters, and Delta Point which will be a Gotham hospital.

Can we take this to mean that she will not be playing a young Talia al Ghul as people have been expecting? 

The shoot is currently rolling at Delta Point which would lead us to believe that her character, or a relative of her character will be hospitalised…

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21st May 2011

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Three New Cast Members

Matthew Mondine (left), Tom Conti (right), and 11 year-old Joey King (middle) have joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. What of the two men?- DA’s, Mob-bosses- who knows but who else is thinking young Joey looks like a young Marion Cotillard…?

UPDATE: Matthew Mondine playing a character called, “Nixon”.

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