13th January 2012

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Thanks for being there, handrails. You confirmed something for us. 

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10th December 2011

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This is a truly amazing fan made official poster! My jaw is on the floor.(fears for Batman’s life) 

This is a truly amazing fan made official poster! My jaw is on the floor.
(fears for Batman’s life) 

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15th November 2011

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Obviously we have no way of knowing if this “leak” is legitimate but seeing as the prologue must already be edited and finished as it has a rating, this transcript could be the real deal- and if it is, all I can say is EPIC. I’m actually shaking.
Click READ MORE to read it for yourself… 

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15th November 2011

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15th November 2011

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It’s a wrap. The Dark Knight Rises shoot came to an end late on Sunday night in New York. 
The cast may move on to other projects but Christopher Nolan has many months of post production ahead of him. 

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8th November 2011

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"Bane propaganda" Looks like Bane will come to Gotham with all of Ra’s al Ghul’s ideology but none of his subtlety. And like many "revolutionaries" he’ll no doubt reveal himself to be a dictator at heart.


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7th November 2011

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Character Casualty

Click Read More to see a spoiler image pertaining to a certain character’s possible death.

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7th November 2011

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An epic fight scene between Batman and Bane. 
Tom Hardy (Bane) is like a raging bull. 

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6th November 2011

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6th November 2011

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Batman once again faces off against Bane.

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6th November 2011

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Batman looks like he’s got one thing on his mind; finding Bane in the middle of this chaos.

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5th November 2011

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What’s Bane doing to Gotham. Open war rages in the streets.

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5th November 2011

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Director Christopher Nolan - - - Nixon (Matthew Modine) in police commissioner formal attire? 

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5th November 2011

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Huge numbers of Gotham Police take on huge numbers of Bane’s rioters/mercenaries.
The Dark Knight Rises is looking like an epic. 

-You can just see Matthew Modine leading the charge, running through and crowd and taking shelter behind the rear tumbler. Actors are too delicate for riot scenes. 

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4th November 2011

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Batwing on the roof of the building on set from New York City (USA)THE DARK KNIGHT RISES


Batwing on the roof of the building on set from New York City (USA)


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