16th April 2014

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Mr Freeze in Cold, Cold Heart
Coming soon

Mr Freeze in Cold, Cold Heart
Coming soon

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25th February 2014

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WB Montreal reveal new story DLC focusing on Mr Freeze.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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1st January 2014

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ARKHAM ORIGINS upcoming story DLC reveals first image. Looks like Mr. Freeze will be nipping at our knees. 


ARKHAM ORIGINS upcoming story DLC reveals first image.
Looks like Mr. Freeze will be nipping at our knees. 

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5th November 2011

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I wasn’t expecting that shark in Arkham City…

Neither was I… 

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21st August 2011

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“Have you ever considered that all this is your fault? Your presence creates these animals.”

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18th August 2011

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Mr. Freeze: “Have you ever watched a flower die? Watched something that was once so beautiful, so full of life, collapse and rot from within?”

-Arkham City

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15th August 2011

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15th August 2011

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He’s rather imposing…

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31st March 2011

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ARKHAM CITY: Villains…

During some recent maintenance on an Arkham City forum something odd happened- The avatar images of the sites members changed of their own accord. These new avatars seemed to depict a few of Arkham City’s villains. The site quickly took the avatars down but that hasn’t stopped them from leaking. They are obviously small so I’ve tried to enhance them. Here they are…


Bane: He looks like he did in the first game. You’d have thought he’d have got his hands on a black vest by now.

Poison Ivy: Again, looks the same as she did the first time around. No green corsets about, Ivy?

Solomon Grundy: Or at least we think it is. This new addition looks rather intimidating.

Mr Freeze:  Another new guy, hinted at in the first game and now realised.  Cool costume- looks like an aqua exploration…thing.

Penguin: The short, fat, ugly mob-boss cometh. All we saw of him in Arkham Asylum was a poster and some umbrellas.

Killer Croc: Still rocking the dirty trouser look. As if this monster wasn’t nerve racking enough in the first game- now he could be anywhere- under any street, lurking. I’m going to steer clear of manhole covers, that’s for sure…  


Arkham City is out this October.

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